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SoFoBoMo 2010


Shadows and escalator at Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville

It’s that time of year again… for SoFoBoMo, which stands for “Solo Photo Book in a Month.” The idea behind it is for photographers (of all abilities and interests) to commit to creating a photo book within the space of just one month. Anyone can participate and you can learn more here.


Stair lit by the setting sun at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville

Last year I made a pdf book of pictures of my dancers (cloggers). You can see the pdf of the book here or view it on Issuu, which is a cool way to see it. It was a lot of fun and I loved the result. This year it was harder for me to decide what to do for my project. However, I finally did make a decision after I realized I’d already been shooting pictures for it.

This post includes a few of the photos I’ll use in the project. They all have to do with lines or patterns. I know what the subject is, but I haven’t figured out a good title, yet. I’m open to suggestions!

At the end of June we were at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville for the National Square Dance Convention. The exposition center offered many opportunities for interesting shots. I collected photos that fit my theme even before I’d decided on it. This last picture shows one of the many dance halls at the convention. The pattern of the lights is what I like about this shot.

hall lights

One of many halls at the National Square Dance Convention in Louisville, Kentucky


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