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One Year Ago Today

Flower Bee

Bee on flower

What did I do on February 22, 2010? I went for a walk in a nice neighborhood on the other side of town. I only know this because I have the pictures to remind me. Sometimes my photo catalog is like a diary of what I did and where I went each day. I snapped photos of plants in people’s yards and the one above is from that day.

There are many pictures on my hard drive that I’ve only looked at once. I enjoy walking and snapping pictures but I just don’t have time to process through and edit them all, or even the cream of the crop sometimes. (Not that there’s a lot of cream… it’s mostly milk.) Occasionally I’ll go back and look at some photos I took several months ago and discover something I like. I thought a “One Year Ago Today” post every now and then could highlight an older picture, perhaps a rediscovered one.


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