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Light Painting Fun


Light painting a spiral

In October our daughter and her boyfriend were here for a few days. On the last evening we had a little fun with light painting. The darkest spot around our house is the driveway. It’s not ideal, but good enough to play and experiment. It’s also easy to do. All you need is a camera with manual settings (so that you can make exposures of several seconds or more), a tripod or other way to keep the camera still, and a source of light. We had three sources: a blue light stick, a small flashlight, and a second flashlight with a red light option.


Light painting a heart

These pictures are some of my favorites from that night. More can be seen on my SmugMug gallery here.

Jenn outlined

Jenn outlined in blue

Today is Thanksgiving and we’ll be leaving soon to visit family and enjoy a good dinner. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope your gatherings are warm and memorable.


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Melting ice cubes

We had a bag of ice cubes in the freezer that had solidified into one chunk, so I pulled it out and put it in the sink. My son sprayed some hot water on it and then commented that it looked like an interesting photo subject. I set it on the windowsill to get some backlight and snapped a few shots. I liked this square crop the best. This is a color photo, by the way.

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