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Flowers Flowers Everywhere!


Deep pink Zinnias

My husband sometimes goes overboard, especially when it comes to flowers in our yard. We don’t have a large yard, but he likes lots of flowers and right now we have LOTS of flowers. I’m happy that he enjoys taking care of them because I’m definitely not a gardener and I do enjoy the color from them.

White cosmos

White cosmos

Flowers also make nice photography subjects and last weekend I spent some time collecting pictures. Some of my favorites are the cosmos which we have in orange, lavender, deep pink, and even white. I don’t know why I like these flowers, but I do have a fondness for them. The orange ones have been alongside our driveway for the last several years and I’ve spent many hours in the past shooting them and the bees that like them.

Sleeping Bee

Sleeping Bee on Cosmos

There weren’t many bees when I was out the other day, but I did find one that seemed to be sleeping. Her head was tucked under and she was still except for a slight movement from her breathing. I took a few shots but then in a few minutes she woke up and flew away, legs full of pollen. I guess she was just taking a 10-minute break from her work day.

yellow zinnia

Yellow zinnia with color splatter

We have in zinnias in the yard this year, which we haven’t had before, or at least haven’t for a long time. Some are deep cerise and some are lighter with a paint-splattered look. This yellow blossom with red seemed especially interesting.


Lobelia, the original deep blue version

We both have a fondness for lobelia, the small, deep blue flower that grows close to the ground. We learned about it on our honeymoon and both liked it. I discovered he has three colors of lobelia in our yard! I didn’t even know it came in other colors. We have deep blue (almost purple), white, and a pink. Neat!


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