Clogging at Old Borges Ranch

DMC at Old Borges Ranch

Diablo Mountain Cloggers at Old Borges Ranch

My group, the Diablo Mountain Cloggers, had a fun time at this historic ranch yesterday. Old Borges Ranch was settled over 100 years ago between Walnut Creek and Mt. Diablo. It is now part of Open Space and they have preseved many of the old buildings and equipment used on the farm. Each year there is a special Heritage Day celebration with vendors from all sorts of local groups and organizations. It’s especially fun for kids as well as the kid in all of us.

The Diablo Mountain Cloggers first danced at Old Borges Ranch in 1982, when my daughter was just a few months old. I remember it well because it was not one of my better days… taking care of a baby and trying to direct a group of dancers and costume changes at the same time! That was quite a while ago and things are much better and easier these days. We haven’t danced every year since, but have been there quite a few times and it’s always fun. The audience sits on hay bales right next to the dance floor so it’s pretty intimate.

Clogging at Old Borges Ranch

Audience dancing with the Diablo Mountain Cloggers at Old Borges Ranch

The best part was having some folks up from the audience to try a little clogging. Kids especially love this, but we had adults as well. After doing a little stomping our feet to a rhythm we also moved around a circle and did some very simple figures.

Bob Michaud has been using my camera to snap pictures of us at performances for the last few years. His wife is in the group and last fall Bob finally started clogging, too. This limits his availability for being a photographer, but he still managed to get quite a few nice pictures of us dancing yesterday. More can be seen on my SmugMug gallery.

By the way, in the top photos, that’s yours truly in the front row, second from right.


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  1. Sheryl Weiss

    I’m thinking about hosting a large wedding next year for my son at Borges Ranch, and would love to talk to someone who has organized events there in the past. Can you forward my name and contact info to the person who planned your event there? It would much appreciated.
    I can be reached at or 925-708-5950.
    Thanks much!
    Clogging looks like so much fun! I’d like to try it sometime!

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