Bee Swarm

bee swarm

Bee swarm in Walnut Creek

This comes under the category of “Something Interesting I Saw Recently.” Wednesday I was in the Broadway Shopping Center in Walnut Creek. On the way back to my car I noticed something large and brown up in the tree. Looking up I realized it was a swarm of bees in the tree. I knew that bees would move to a new location this way, taking the queen with them. Reading more in Wikipedia I learned that bees will usually swarm in the spring but occasionally at other times, too. I’d never seen a bee swarm so I thought it was really cool. I’m not that happy with the quality of the few pictures I took but I hope they give you an idea of how it looked. I didn’t have a long lens to bring me any closer than this and I wasn’t about to climb the tree for a better shot.

Once again… you never know what you’re going to come across when out walking. There’s always something to discover.


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  1. Debralee Ehrenpfort

    Lesson of the day…never go shopping without your camera! thanx!

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