Bored in the Airport

A little over a month ago my husband and I spent a few hours in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport in the evening. Being bored I did some exploring with my camera. Although I was a little uneasy about shooting pictures in an airport, nobody gave me any trouble about it. Here are a few of the things I found while exploring.

1. Reflections – can be interesting, like a double exposure.

2. The ceiling of the terminal – cool lines and shadows!

3. Light show in the tunnel connecting terminals. The lights on the ceiling were alive. I first noticed their reflection on the shiny floor as I started down the stairs. Very cool and fun to watch.

4. Light panels in the same tunnel/hallway. Of course I had to go for the classic “silhouetted traveler” picture!

5. This was an almost empty hallway. I sat on a bench and propped my camera on it to take a long exposure (and to lower the ISO). A couple of people came through the photo but you can’t tell because of the long exposure. The only thing that shows up is a darkened diagonal line near the center of the picture. It’s crooked because of the way I propped the camera. I have a version that I cropped and straightened, but then I decided I liked this one better.

6. Random window art illuminated by the outside lights.

7. You can get a decent photo in low light even if you don’t have a tripod. For this shot I just held the camera against the window glass to keep it still during the 2-1/2 second exposure. There are a couple of workers in the shot that are blurred because they were moving.

8. This was a first! A public toilet with an automatic toilet seat cover. What a kick! I confess that by the time I’d gotten my pictures, I forgot to try it out!


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