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Winter Photography

I started this post a couple of weeks ago and now that spring has officially arrived I thought I’d better get it finished.
Spring is always nice, of course, with flowers blooming, green hills, and warmer weather – who doesn’t like spring? I like it, but it also makes me a little sad because it means that winter is over. I like to photograph in the winter, plain and simple. There are all kinds of interesting things to find in the wintertime and this year winter seemed to go by too fast. Maybe it was my fault for not getting out into the weather often enough to get those shots that I like, but I feel like I’ve lost opportunities. Of course, they’ll be back next year.
So I started thinking about all the interesting things we can photograph in the winter. Here are 10 things* I love about winter photography.
1. Bare trees
Branches on Green 9864
Playing with levels in Photoshop helped to achieve this eerie look.
2. Puddles and reflections
Puddle Reflection 9738
I like reflections and puddles are great places to see them.
3. Fog and mist
Island in the Clouds 4276
Top of the hill peeking out through the fog. Taken one February morning a few years back.
4. Sunsets and sunrises at reasonable times
2007 Sunset 2438
This sunset was the on New Year’s Eve 2007. It was a spectacularly colorful one.
5. “Magic hour” light lasts longer
Afternoon Sun on the Hills 8838
Afternoon sun on the hills above Milpitas.
6. Holiday decorations
Christmas Lights 3085
Christmas lights on the fence.
7. Rain – can add texture and a shine to everything
Rainy Commute 7504
A rainy commute one morning last January.
8. Interesting skies
Twilight Sky and Windmills 9339
Evening sky over Altamont Pass near Livermore.
9. Frost
Frost 4132
Frost on the weeds one December morning.
10. Snow – not that we get snow where I live, but each year I dream of getting to the snow to shoot.
Trees Snow Rocks 8409
This was taken a few years back while crossing the Sierras in early May.
I had a hard time selecting just one photo for each of these categories. I may have to revisit some later to be able to highlight a few other favorite photos.
Now to turn my thoughts to shooting the springtime: wildflowers, green grasses on the hills, wildlife, longer days. OK… I think I can get into spring, now.
*I started out with 5 things, but the list kept growing.



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Roses 6053
Roses in Pasadena

I was going through some older photos and came across this shot of roses that I took while walking around Pasadena last June. I’ve decided I like it a lot.

Sometimes it takes a while for a photo to grow on me. I’ll often react to certain shots right away or think one has promise, but it may take a while before I’m sure about how well I like it. I’ve found that having my screensaver cycle through some of my pictures helps me to decide. After looking at them many times then I really know which ones I like and which ones I’m embarrassed by.

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