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Wet Plants

wet plants

After the rain

Things around here have been wet, lately, thanks to the rain. We need it, of course. Every year there’s the concern about not getting enough rain and having another drought. I guess we’re not out of the woods for this year, yet, but things have sure been looking wet. So, anyway, I thought I’d share some pictures of wet plants that I took last September in Oregon.


Wet Dahlia

petals on leaves

Petals on leaves after the rain


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Random Things Seen on My Walks

Shadow Boxes

We got a little sun the other day. I like shadows.

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Evening Up on the Ridge

We had a break in the rain last weekend and the idea of seeing a rather large moon lured me to Fairmont Ridge, one of my favorite places for sunrises and sunsets. It is a ridge, after all. The sunset was nonexistant and I got antsy and left before the moon appeared, but I did take a few shots during the twilight time. I love the blue that appears at this time.

This row of eucalyptus trees lines the top of Fairmont Ridge and is visible from much of San Leandro and part of Hayward. This shot was taken about 45 minutes after sunset looking west. I like the bit of blur the 34-second exposure gives to the clouds.

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