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Night Photography Meetup and Shoot

Campbell Water Tower 7349

Last Thursday evening I met up with other members of the Bay Area Night Photography Meetup Group in Campbell. We met with each other, discussed methods, looked at some really nice prints, and got the chance to go out and do a little night shooting. It was a fun evening. Thanks to the organizers for putting it together: Steven, Allan, Wing, and Eric.

The above is one shot I took just before the get together. There was still a bit of twilight left and I couldn’t resist the historic Campbell water tower. I’ll post more photos soon.


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Sunlit Fall Leaves*


Sunlit fall leaves

These leaves in the sunlight caught my eye the other day. Whenever I take a lunchtime walk I pass by this same tree, but this day the light was just right to highlight the last of the fall leaves. I usually snap several pictures on my walks but most of them don’t go anywhere except my hard drive. I liked this one enough to share.

*Even though it’s winter.

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Sunrise and Sunset


Sunrise Tree on Fairmont Ridge above Lake Chabot

I love to shoot pictures of sunrises and sunsets. Some are better than others, but they’re almost always interesting. One day in November I had watched the sunrise from Fairmont Ridge and took some pictures of “my” sunrise tree. (I have many, many pictures of this tree. It’s a favorite spot.)


Sunset on the San Francisco Bay from San Leandro shoreline

Later that day my sister came out for a visit and we went to the San Leandro Marina park for the sunset. This shot was taken from the path that follows the San Francisco Bay. The tide was very low. I don’t usually get pictures of the sunrise and sunset in the same day, but it can happen.

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Ancient and Modern Typecasting

Gutenberg Bible

Gutenberg Bible at the Huntington Library, Pasadena, California.

The Sunday after Christmas we were in Pasadena visiting our son and his fiance. They took us to the Huntington Library and Gardens, a place that requires multiple visits to enjoy it all. One of the buildings held a vellum Gutenberg Bible, among other ancient texts. Being in the printing business for many years, seeing this was especially interesting to me. Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, of course, and although the Bible wasn’t his first project, it was his most important. You can read more about it here.

Typecasting Woodcut

Woodcut from "Panopleia" depicting typecasting, 1568

In the same room were some reproductions of woodcuts depicting the craftsmanship of book and manuscript production in the 1500s, a century after printing with movable type was invented. These images first appeared in Panopleia, by Hartmann Schopper in 1568, Germany. I was drawn to these for one in particular seemed familiar. It’s the one reproduced here. (Sorry it’s not very sharp. The room was very dim and I had to shoot this handheld.)

Within minutes of returning home from the 6-1/2 hour drive, I took a closer look at a drawing made by my great-grandfather in 1879, which hangs in our living room. He was a typecaster in the Boston Type Foundry and an artist. My dad had this hanging on the wall in his den for as long as I could remember and my brother owns a painting of just the bottom image. It depicts typecasting in ancient and “modern” times, the modern being 1879. He obviously copied the image for 1564 from this same woodcut. You can play a game of “what’s different in these two pictures?” They’re very close, but not exactly the same.


Ancient & Modern Typecasting by William A. Robinson, Sr., Boston, 1879

This drawing is also a self-portrait. My great-grandfather, William A. Robinson, Sr., is depicted as the man on the right of the large image. Notice the city of Boston outside the windows. Although he never had formal artistic training, he left behind a few paintings and drawings that demonstrate his talent and understanding of techniques. This drawing is one of my treasures and it was exciting to me to discover this little connection.


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Last Walk of the Year

Door Decoration

Holiday decoration on door

Bob and I took a walk to the bank and some stores yesterday. It was nice to have the extra day off. So it was my last walk for 2009 – not a particularly exciting walk, but it was with my guy. I spotted this decoration on a door along 159th Avenue and liked the way it looked with the white metalwork and bricks.

I hope everyone’s holidays were happy ones and that the new year brings many good times.

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