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Window Silhouette

Closing blinds

Rob closing the blinds

I was going through my pictures from this year and found several that I like but haven’t processed or uploaded anywhere. I am soooo far behind in doing that and since I keep taking more photos I keep getting more behind.

This is a random shot that I came across. I caught my son closing the window blinds one afternoon and liked the silhouette.


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We Put Up the Christmas Tree

angel ornament

Angel ornament with Christmas tree in background and bokeh

Last year we were pretty late and that was a little depressing. I’m glad to have the tree up, now. I always like the way the lights look in the living room. As I was putting ornaments on the tree, I noticed how the head of this angel inverted the tree in the background, so I set it aside to make some photographs later. I took some shots in the afternoon, but there was too much light coming through the window blinds, so I waited and took some more at night. I liked this one the best. The lights in her head are the lights on the Christmas tree inverted. Happy holidays to everyone.

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