Autumn Colors

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves

It seems like there hasn’t been as much color in the trees this year as I remember seeing last year, especially in the trees by the parking lot at work. However, there is one type of tree in this area (I work in Fremont) that is in green, yellow, orange, and red these days. Sometimes you’ll see a green tree next to a red one. Sometimes one single tree will have all colors on it.

Red and green trees

Red and green trees

I took a few quick shots of some of these during my lunch break today. This shot above is two different kinds of trees and the one below shows contrasting colors on the same type of tree. I’m working on figuring out what kind of tree that is – the colorful one. [Note: I now believe it is a Chinese Pistache tree.] I enjoy seeing the change of colors, even though it’s not as flashy as what some parts of the country get.

red leaves

Red leaves


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  1. cataclog

    By the way, here’s a nice blog about where to find autumn color in California:

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