Random Things Seen



Autumn Leaves

I often take a walk during my lunch break at work, although these days that’s only 30 minutes long. It’s not enough time to go anywhere interesting, so I walk in the industrial area that I work in. You’d think that it would get pretty boring and uninteresting, however, there is always something new and interesting to see. I always take my camera along and snap a few shots. Most of them aren’t too exciting, but they’re a reminder to me of things that I’ve seen along my walks.




Leaves in Sack

Now that it’s October and autumn, the leaves are changing color. It seems that they’re not as bright as they were last year at this time so I haven’t been taking very many pictures of them. However, I came across this pile of leaves that a gardener was raking up as I walked “out” on my lunchbreak. When I came back he had them gathered in a sack. I had been shooting in flourescent light with an ISO of 800 the night before and didn’t realize I hadn’t changed my camera settings until almost done with my walk. So I didn’t use the settings I should have, but I still kind of like these shots.



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  1. cataclog

    I don’t know why WordPress added all the extra blank lines to this post. When I tried to edit the post, they aren’t there. 😦

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