Amazing Sunset


Sunset over Fremont

Tonight’s sunset was unlike any I can remember seeing. The sky to the east was a gorgeous, deep pink, much more than usual. Then the clouds lit up pink. Then the clouds in the west lit up golden. I don’t usually shoot pictures from the car (while driving), but I admit that I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots by holding the camera in the approximate direction. I did get some shots that show the color, but of course, they’re all a bit out of focus. (The autofocus on my 50mm lens doesn’t work anymore.)


Sunset and Moon

Sunset and Moon

The first photo above shows the colors of the clouds and sky over the hills above Fremont. This is looking east! I noticed the moon was showing faintly through the clouds, so I pointed the camera up at it and got this second picture. This may be my next desktop photo. The last (blurry) shot shows some of the golden color in the clouds looking more west.



Sunset Color

If I hadn’t been on my way to San Jose for my class, I would have pulled over and spent some quality time with this quality sunset. The colors were really extraordinary. I suppose they may have been affected by smoke from the fire that’s currently burning in the Santa Cruz Mountains, not far away to the southwest.



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