Coastal drive to Oregon

Beach at Trinidad, California

Beach at Trinidad, California

Bob and I visited family in Oregon over the Labor Day holiday weekend. I took 1 day off work so we could drive up on Friday, visit on Saturday and Sunday, and drive home Monday. I like to get up there at least once a year. I’m gradually working on my photos from the trip and here are some from the first leg.

Pampass Grass

Pampas Grass

We took 101 on the way up so we could make a couple of stops along the way. Highway 5 is faster but less interesting. Other than gas and restroom stops, our first stop was at the small town of Trinidad, which is on the coast just north of Eureka. It’s often fog-shrouded and this day was no different. The thing about fog, though, is that it is always moving so the scene is always changing. These pampas grasses were on the bluff over the beach.

Fishing boats in the fog at Trinidad, California

Fishing boats in the fog at Trinidad, California

While Bob spent some time working (laptop in the car) I explored the beach a little and took lots of photos of the fog, rocks, sand, and fishing boats in the cove. There were quite a few fishing boats out, often obscured by the fog, but now and then a spotlight would shine from a boat. It was a little eerie.

I found a steep set of steps that ended up on the beach. It was an odd feeling, going down those steps with no idea of how far down it was to the beach. I couldn’t see where I was headed because of the fog and brush around the steps. It wasn’t a long hike, though, and I came out onto the beach before very long. There were a few others exploring the beach, including a photographer. The many rocks, birds, and even seals made the place quite interesting.

Crab shell

Crab shell



Many crab shells littered the beach and the water and sand made interesting patterns. I could have spent another hour or two exploring here, but knew that we needed to get on the way. We stopped at the local grocery store to pick up a few things and use the restroom. I got one gala apple there and later wished I’d bought several. It was the best, sweetest, juiciest apple I can remember having. Then onward to the north.

To be continued…


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