Ladybug-like Beetle

Small Beetle

Small Beetle

Often at lunch time I take a walk with my camera. It’s not a good area for walking, but if you look close you can always find something interesting. The other day I had my macro lens on my camera and found this little beetle. The sun came through the leaves just enough to light him up. I thought he was interesting. His front half looked just like a ladybug, but his back half was quite different. I’m sure he’s related. I tried to find him online (a great site for bug identification is Bugguide) without success, but did learn there are many different kinds of ladybugs, so maybe he’s in that group somewhere.

Beetle jaws

Beetle jaws

Check out that mouth! I wouldn’t want to be an aphid near that. It’s funny how he looks cute in the first shot and fearsome in this one.


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  1. Your Daughter

    I think you should rename your blog “Bug Lady” …. lol!!

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