Another Spider

Spider in Shoe

Spider in Shoe

It doesn’t take the spiders very long to make themselves at home! This morning when I went to grab my old tennies (worn the day before) I found a cellar spider had already decided my shoe was the perfect place to live. He/she was hanging out on a fine web inside my shoe. I had just taken the shoes off about 8 hours earlier.

It makes me wonder how a spider decides a certain place is the right spot for a web. We often see them wandering from one place to another, so how do they know it’s time to settle down?



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4 responses to “Another Spider

  1. Your Daughter

    You can say the same thing about people. What makes people settle down where they do and why do they choose to settle down?

    • cataclog

      Excellent! Appropriate comment from you. 🙂
      But I think people would make a more concious choice about settling than spiders do.

      • Your Daughter

        This is true… however, not always the case. Sometimes it makes several wrong choices before finding the right one. 🙂

  2. cataclog

    LOL! Of course, the spider made a wrong choice this time! I hope he’s happy outside.

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