Yesterday (Saturday) the Diablo Mountain Cloggers (one of my clogging groups) danced a couple of sets at Old Borges Ranch in Walnut Creek as part of their Heritage Day. It’s always fun to go to this annual event with lots of old-time crafts, displays, and nature information.

Gopher Snake

Gopher Snake

We also saw not one, but two snakes. First, there was this handsome gopher snake under the ramp by the barn. A nearby ranger told us some of the differences between a gopher snake and a rattler, other than the obvious rattles at the end of the tail. The gopher snake is very shiny, so much he almost looked wet. A rattlesnake is not shiny and also will be much fatter than the gopher snake. I thought this guy was rather handsome and he didn’t seem to be too bothered by the crowd that had gathered to see him. He was at least a couple of feet long.

King Snake

King Snake

As some of us were leaving, I noticed a kid pointing to a spot in the grass. Another snake! This one was a king snake, though. A different ranger told us that king snakes are good to have around because they aren’t affected by a rattler’s poison and will eat rattlesnakes. Hmmm. Good to know. The king snake was a little larger than the gopher snake we saw earlier, probably at least three feet long. Man! Two snakes in one day and I think I usually see about one snake every 10 years or so.

(With my apologies to Jennifer.)


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  1. Who do you think?

    ummm… handsome???

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