SoFoBoMo Project and Lessons Learned

SoFoBoMo Book Cover

SoFoBoMo Book Cover

I actually finished the book on time! I uploaded it to the SoFoBoMo site just before 2:00 am on June 11. You could argue that I was 2 hours past the deadline, but I could argue that 1) it still felt like Wednesday to me, and 2) I didn’t start the book until after 7:30 pm on May 11. So I did it all within the 31 days. Whoo hoo!

Once again, this is a photo book of my dancers, people who come to one of the clogging groups that I teach. (What’s clogging? Learn more here.) The pdf is up on the SoFoBoMo site and it is now also available on Issuu. Issuu really presents it in a cool way. I recommend checking it out there.

It has been quite a month of fun, learning, shooting, and more. Things I learned… a little bit about my dancers; a bit more of myself; the fact that I need to learn so much more about portrait photography and using a flash; I can handle a larger DSLR and still be comfortable with it; even though I don’t mind seeing my dancers’ wrinkles, they might; camera batteries lose their power after sitting around for three weeks; no matter how much I plan, I’ll still forget something; no matter how much I try, I’ll still do something stupid (like use the wrong white balance); my dancers are the best bunch of people in the world (actually, I already knew that).


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