My Camera Has Returned!

Yesterday my camera arrived back from the Canon repair factory. First thing I learned was that camera batteries will go dead if left to just sit around for three weeks. I’d never gone that long before without using the camera! (The borrowed 20D uses a different sized battery.) Anyway, I’m glad to have it back and plan to use it tonight.

One more night of shooting pictures for SoFoBoMo and then I’ll have to quickly choose, process and add a few to my layout. I find, as is often the case, that I tend to streamline my work the closer I get to a deadline. Early on I may spend a fair amount of time doing “work” that isn’t really necessary in the end. Maybe some of that’s OK, though, for it gets me used to going through the processes of choosing photos, editing, weeding out, and fitting them into the book layout. By the time I get to where I have to do it quickly, I’ve practiced it enough that I can. Still, there’s nothing like a deadline to get something done!


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  1. funny i just got an email from the Canon factory service saying my camera has arrived… wish it were the other way around…

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