Special Possessions

The Canon factory has my camera and now my money to repair it. I’m looking forward to having it back within a couple of weeks. I’ve been using Doug’s Canon 20D, which is a very nice camera. I like some of things about it better than mine. Mine’s the smaller Canon Rebel XT. There are now two generations of Rebels that are better than what I have. I’m often frustrated by the small preview screen on my camera, the small viewfinder, the noise in anything shot above ISO 200, etc. It certainly shows its use by the scratches and worn spots on the case. In spite of those things, I want my camera back. It has been my companion for 3-1/2 years and I’ve become quite attached to it.

Come on! It’s just a tool, an object, some would say. Yes, but it has also been a tool for me to explore and learn so much. Because of that camera I’ve lost my fear of spiders, I’ve learned much about the world around me, I’ve explored places I wouldn’t otherwise have been, I’ve created an online presence, I’ve learned a lot more about photography and Photoshop, and connected with other photographers online. How can I not feel attached to that camera?


Vega Guitar

Vega Guitar

I felt the same way about my guitar when I was in high school. Since I was shy in school, I was often lonely, except for when I played my guitar. I’ve always believed that guitar helped me get through those high school years. I don’t play it anymore, but I still have it. Besides giving me music during those years, it’s special because it’s old (almost 100 years), is an uncommon brand (a Vega), was bought for my dad’s cousin who drowned at the age of 12, and has been in my family ever since. It’s light, has a narrow neck, and a soft, mellow sound. It always fit me perfectly. I used to think it was one of things I’d grab first if I had to rush from a burning house. Although that’s not the case anymore, it’s still a favored possession.

I imagine everyone has a few possessions that mean more to them because of what they represent. It isn’t the object so much as the memories, feelings, or lessons acquired because of it.


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