Camera Update

         I have a temporary solution to the lack of a decent camera for my SoFoBoMo project, not to mention the issue of just not having a camera. A friend, Doug, has loaned me his backup camera, a Canon 20D. Yay! Thank you, Doug! It’s much bigger than what I’m used to, and other than a few controls being in different locations, it’s very similar to mine. This may be good or bad news to my cloggers; I’ll still be annoying you with a camera for another couple of weeks to continue the project.

         As for my Rebel, I confirmed with Canon that it needs servicing. Now I just have to decide whether to send it to Canon in Virginia or use a local camera repair shop.


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One response to “Camera Update

  1. Who do you think?

    Wooooo hoooooo. GO DOUG!!!!

    I can be excited for you since I don’t have to be one of your “subjects” lol…..

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