Disaster Strikes!

Yesterday morning my camera died. As in DEAD. As in send-in-for-repairs DEAD. It has been my almost constant companion since my family gave it to me in December, 2005. Perhaps almost 4-1/2  3-1/2 years of somewhat heavy use is a pretty good record, but that doesn’t help me right now. I’m so bummed. (Oh, and if it sounds like I’m a little too much attached to it… yeah, that’s probably right. In high school it was my guitar that was my best friend. What does that tell you about me? I’m not sure I want to know.)

So… after a little research on the problem, I’ve realized that it will have to be sent in for service, which means I won’t have it back for a few weeks. Which also means I have to find alternative ways of finishing my SoFoBoMo project. I have a little P&S (point & shoot) Nikon Coolpix L3 which is fine for snapshots outdoors, but is inadequate for most indoor shots. I also can’t control it the way I can my Canon Digital Rebel and it has some major limitations. I could rent a camera, borrow a camera, or buy a camera. Another possibility I’m considering is to use my Olympus OM1 SLR – with film! What a concept. We’ll have to see where I go from here…



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3 responses to “Disaster Strikes!

  1. It will be interesting to see how you recover from such a setback. After some “what would I do” reflection, I believe I would start over faced with the same predicament.

  2. I guess you really should be able to borrow a camera. The Rebels are among the most widely used cameras in the world, it’s almost impossible that you can’t find anyone who would part with his for a week. Apart from that, most people only own cameras, they don’t use them 🙂

    Good luck!

  3. Joseph

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