New Flash

After I started using my Canon Rebel XT (December 2005) I knew that one accessory I’d eventually get was an external flash unit. These could be pretty expensive and I didn’t know much anything about using external flashes, so I wasn’t in a hurry for it. Besides, I had plenty to learn about the basics of the camera, first.

Lately, I’ve been thinking more about getting a flash. Which one? How much do I need? How fancy am I going to get with this external flash stuff? How can I justify spending the money for one right now?

Well, the time has come. Needing to get better light on my dancers for my SoFoBoMo project has given me a big push to get a flash. It arrived today, well, this evening. (UPS always delivers late if it’s something I’m anxious for!) So, I’ve been reading up on using an external flash/strobe – boy, is there a lot to learn! However, I’m already biting at the bit and can’t wait to really start using it. Watch out cloggers!


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