Tennessee Trip – Day 3 Saturday

Kacie Morn


Although this picture of Kacie at the bottom of the stairs isn’t very sharp, I still like it. This is the view that greeted me as I started to head downstairs on Saturday morning. By the time I got the camera set better, she had wandered off.

 Saturday we visited Dollywood, a theme park in Pigeon Forge at the edge of the Great Smokey Mountains. Jenn had bought a pass for the year and it gave me a 50% discount on my ticket. The day was rainy, unfortunately. We stopped at a Walgreens and I bought an umbrella that folded up small enough to put in my purse. (Jenn says Tennesseeans don’t need umbrellas.) Thanks to the rain, there weren’t big crowds at Dollywood, but there were people. Still, we were able to almost walk right on to many rides, including the big roller coasters. Wheee! We had fun. After Jenn’s suggestion, I didn’t take my beloved Canon into the park, but borrowed Jenn’s little Canon PowerShot A550. It did a fine job and I didn’t have to worry about my camera on the rides. The rest of these photos were taken with her camera.

Here’s Jenn by the rainmaking machine. There wasn’t much use for it that day.

Jenn Rainmaker

Jenn by the Rainmaker


We went on several rollercoasters right away and enjoyed them all, but the best was Thunderhead, the wooden coaster. It was just a really good, fun, thrilling ride. Not uncomfortable or too scary. Riding a roller coaster in the rain is a different experience. Soon we were both hungry, not to mention wet, so we relaxed at one of the restaurants. We didn’t make a very pretty sight.

Jenn Lois

Jenn and Lois


Then we explored the less thrilling parts of the park, went through Dolly Parton’s museum, did some smaller, but fun, rides, and a little shopping. The steam train was cool. It went into the forest, which is so beautiful, and past “hillbilly” cabins and such.

Steam Train Ride

Steam Train Ride

I admit that I had more fun than I’d expected to, especially with the rain. We stayed all day, then headed home. Jenn suggested we try Buddy’s Barbecue, which is a BBQ fast food place. We don’t have those here, of course. So we picked that up on the way home and were happy to get back and relax.

If you’re interested, more pictures of the day are on my Picasa album.


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