Tennessee Trip – Day 1 Thursday

I spent a few days visiting Jennifer in Tennessee. Although it rained every day, we still had a good time. There’s too much to tell, so I’m just doing one day at a time.

Thursday I flew from Oakland, stopped briefly in Denver, and then on to Nashville, Tennessee. There is an airport in Knoxville, but Southwest only goes to Nashville and it’s so much cheaper. Jenn was happy to make the almost 6-hour round trip drive to pick me up (even after working all day).


Crop patterns from the air

Crop patterns from the air

I’ve always loved to see the landscape from the air. It’s fun to pick out landmarks or places I know. It’s also fascinating to see the patterns that both nature and man make on the land. I didn’t get a window seat on the first leg of the flight. I’m sure the lady sitting by the window wasn’t thrilled with me constantly looking past her to see what was out the window. Many people got off at Denver, so I got the chance to move to the window. The patterns of the crops and fields in the midwest are a patchwork. 

Although we arrived at Nashville a few minutes early, I didn’t get off the plane for another 20 minutes becuase there was a medical situation with a passenger up front. I figured Jennifer would be on the road and called to leave her a message, but she surprised me at the baggage claim area. She’d gotten to the airport early. It was so great to see her! We got my bag and took off to find food! (Southwest doesn’t serve meals and I hadn’t planned ahead so was starving.) We ate at a Ruby Tuesday nearby, which was pretty good. There was a lot of catching up to do at dinner and on the drive to Knoxville. Tennessee is split in half by the time zone, with Nashville in central time but Knoxville in the eastern time zone. We were at her townhouse by 9:00 pm, eastern time. She has a nice place that backs up to the forest. There’s a good-sized living room, a dining area and small laundry room off the kitchen and a half-bath downstairs. Upstairs are the two bedrooms and a full bathroom. We didn’t stay up too long because it had been a long day for both of us. Even though I’d come from California time, I had no trouble adjusting and getting to sleep. 

One of the nice comforts of her place is her kitty, Kacie. Kacie is a cuddle cat and soooo soft. We slept with the sound of the rain outside.


Sweet Kacie

Sweet Kacie


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